Your child will have been assessed by a multi-professional team before being referred to our school, and should have an Education health Care Plan (EHCP) identifying our school as the named provision. 


Admission Procedure 


Stage 1:        Holy Brook School (HBS) will confirm to the Local Authority (LA)  current pupil places  available.


Stage 2:        The LA Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) team process all referrals from within and outside the authority and forwards at least one week before each admission meeting to members of the HBS Admissions Panel.


Stage 3:        The HBS Admission Panel meet on a Wednesday Week 1 Terms 2, 4 and 6 at 15:30. All referrals will be considered in conjunction with:

  1. Needs of the pupil
  2. Spaces available
  3. Needs of the existing group

Stage 4:        The Chair of HBS Admission Panel will advise LA SEND team of decision to either decline the application or if the placement is considered appropriate by the HBS Admissions Panel proceed to stage 5. The LA will then communicate to relevant parties: 

  1. School
  2. Parents / Carers
  3. Feeder LA (if appropriate)


Stage 5:        Senior Leadership Team (SLT) member and / or Class Teacher may visit prospective pupil in current placement and conduct Boxall Profile with current Class Teacher / team and collect KS1 SAT results and current assessment data.


Stage 6:       Pupils visit Holy Brook Special School with parents / relevant professionals, from current setting, for tour and discussion with SLT, Class Teacher and member of the Full Governing Body where possible. A mutual decision is made regarding admission; by the Head Teacher, Parent / Carer and Pupil. It is an important aspect that both Parents / Carers and Pupils feel involved in the admission process and accept a place if offered.


Stage 8:        HBS Head teacher will confirm admission of pupil to relevant LA SEND Department. LA SEND Department to write to Parents/Carers formally offering a place and confirming start date and confirming financial responsibility for placement at the current Top-Up Rate to HBS.


Stage 9:        Pupil starts


Stage 10:      Review meeting (6 weeks after start date) –SLT member(s), Class Teacher, Parent, representative from previous placement and LA to attend. This objective of this meeting is to discuss progress and concerns including any additional support required.