The Holy Brook is a very small special school for pupils who have a statement of special educational needs or Education Health Care Plan for their Social, Emotional and Mental Health  difficulties. A substantial proportion of our pupils have additional needs, such as learning difficulties or autism.

Pupils join our school in all year groups. There are 32 places available at the Holy Brook School. 

As a school we try not to exclude, we don’t sanction and we don’t reward our pupils.

At Holy Brook school, staff understand that a pupil’s behaviour has meaning and it is our primary job to understand or interpret that meaning and provide an environment which removes, or at least reduces the barriers and anxieties which impede a pupil’s ability to learn.

Working at Holy Brook can be challenging but it is also rewarding. The impact we can have on such young lives is really significant and so it is a real privilege to work in such an environment with a dedicated staff team, supportive parents and carers and an effective and active Governing Body. As a staff we are close and mutually supportive. There is a wide range of experiences and expertise within the team and other professionals that support us and the pupils at Holy Brook.