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On this page you will find what we are doing in Rain Drops over the next few weeks.

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Learning this Summer Term


In reading we will be focusing on our new targets within phonics phases 2, 3, 5 and developing our comprehension and word reading skills. 



Blending Bingo



We will be reading a variety of texts in our story time session that follow a theme of our environment, recycling and caring for our planet that link to our foundation lessons.


In handwriting we will be working on the letters and targets highlighted on your childs IEP when writing recounts of our trips, recipes, awareness posters and letters. 

      Handwriting Paper                           Handwriting Model                         Writing Paper




In maths this term we will be learning number, counting and Shape. 


Caterpillar Game

2D Shape Maker

Take a look at our foundation lessons over the next few weeks

Summer Term Foundation Planning

In our science lessons we will identifying a range of common materials and their properties linked to our recycling theme.

This term in Art we will building on our drawing skills starting with lines, circles and people.


Our Geography lessons will be about learning to care for our environment 


National Geographic kids


And in PSHE we will be focusing on our individual IEP targets and revisiting our throwing and catching skills to work towards playing basketball. 



 Movement Moment Song

Dinosaur Stomp

Happy learning and playing 


Mella :) 







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