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We have daily phonics sessions and pupils are grouped

according to their phonic knowledge. Phonics sessions include

fun games, flashcard sound and letter recognition and then an

application activity.

Below are examples of sounds within Phase 2 and 3 phonics.


Phase 2 Fishy Phonics Game

Phase 3 Phonics Frog Game



During the Autumn Term our focus texts will be: The Rainbow Fish, The Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale, Mrs Wishy-Washy's Farm and Farmer Duck. 






We will be using the above texts to create the foundations for our writing. We will be taking part in fun and engaging activities to support our writing. 





Each term we aim to cover 3 maths targets:

  • Number and place value 
  • Other - shape or measure 
  • Calculation -  addition/subtraction, multiplication/division and fractions

During the Autumn Term we will be recalling our number and place value knowledge. Looking at counting to and past 100, writing numbers to 100 and using these to solve problems.


Our Science is delivered through schemes of work titled Myself (Autumn), My World (Spring) and My Environment (Summer). 

During the Autumn Term our focus in Science will be human skeletons and the 5 senses. 




In PSHE we will be focusing on building relationships and discussing likes/dislikes. We will also be working on recognising when we are feeling certain emotions, and what that might look like for different people.


 At The Holy Brook School we talk lots about our feelings. Below is an example of our Zones of Regulation. We use this to support children identify which zone they may be in and which emotions go with that.



The Colour Monster is a fantastic book about colours and how they represent different emotions. This closely links with our Zones of Regulations we use in school to support pupils to recognise how they may be feeling.

You can listen to The Colour Monster by clicking here.



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Below is our daily timetable. 


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