School Meals

Our school meals are excellent value at just £2.20. Meals are prepared, freshly, everyday at our partner school, Manor Primary. Please click here to view the menu. As a rule Option 1 is preferred by most children, alternatively a jacket potato with cheese, tuna or baked beans is also available.  

Every day your child will be offered a school meal that contains:

* 2 Portions of fruits and vegetables

* A dairy food item rich in calcium for strong bones & teeth

* Starch carbohydrates to provide energy

* A protein source to support the body's growth & repair

 * If your child has an allergy please let us know by completing the pupil information form.

If you have a child in Reception, Year 1 or 2 your child is entitled to enjoy a school meal every day for free (even on a school trip)

Free School Meals - Children in all year groups whose parents are in receipt of certain benefits will be entitled to a free school meal. If you believe that your child is entitled to a free school meal or you have any queries please contact Sarah in the school office for information on Tel: 0118 937 5489