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                                                         Stream Class.

Welcome to our class page where you can find information about what we are learning and links to online activities and resources. 

As you are aware, the start of Summer Term 1 sees the pupils being back to full time. Please find below a copy of our daily time table.


During our afternoon learning, we cover the following:

  • Humanities - Monday
  • Art and Design Technology - Tuesday 
  • Computing - Wednesday 
  • Science - Thursday and Friday






During Summer Term 1 we will be looking at three texts.

The Gigantic Turnip (traditional tale) where we will be innovating the story to make our own version, using all of the features of traditional tales. 


The Tiny Seed. We will be using this text for short bursts of writing to showcase all of our writing skills such as using capital letters, full stops, expanded noun phrases, handwriting and our common exception words. 


Seed to Plant (non-fiction text). We will be using this text to support us to write our very own seed/bean diary using the features of non-fiction texts. 




In phonics and spelling, we continue to work on letters and sounds to support sounding out common exception words. Children are encouraged to use their phonic knowledge to support sounding out unfamiliar common exception words.

In class we take part in 1:1 phonic/spelling interventions every day!

      Below are some tricky words that we come across: 

Below are Year 1 and 2 common exception words:

Below are Year 3 and 4 common exception words:


These links are games and helpful tools which will support common exception spellings, phonics sounds and letter formations.



During our phonics/spelling interventions, we use key word flashcards and play a range of games such as hangman and match and spell. As well as this, we ensure that handwriting is practiced regularly. 

Please see below for our letter formations. 





We are working hard to promote positive attitudes towards reading. Children take part in daily reading interventions. These are either to work on their word reading skills or their reading comprehension skills. 

Below you can find some links to reading games to support engagement and to help build enjoyment of reading.




Maths - Place Value (on going)


 Place value and number are so important in all aspects of maths as well as every day life, so we start every new term with up to three weeks of place value and number work in maths which is then followed by an additional area of maths to be covered for the remaining weeks of that term.

Below are some useful links to games and resources to support with number work.


Below you can also find some useful links to games and resources to support with multiplication and division.


          Science, R.E. and foundation subjects.

This year our Science, R.E. and the foundation subject learning will be delivered through termly Schemes of Work titled Myself, My World and My Environment. 

Autumn Term - Myself

Spring Term - My World

Summer Term - My Environment

Below you can see the learning objectives which will be covered in our Science and Foundation subject lessons in Summer Term 1.


During Summer Term 1 we will have a focus on events that have happened in the past linked to local festivals and cultures. 



During Summer Term 1 we will be learning about the countries that make up the UK as well as recognising the different flags.




During Summer Term 1 we will be looking at plants and what they need to grow and survive before moving on to looking at every day materials and their properties. 




During Summer Term 1, we will be focusing on artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo. 

We will be creating our own self portraits in the style of Arcimboldo.







 Activity ideas for home!

Should your child be at home for long periods of time over the next term, as well as supporting learning, why not have a go at some of the following activities. 

PSHE activities are equally as important:

  • recognising and expressing how we feel and saying happy, sad or angry
  • taking part in turn taking 
  • understanding hygiene rules
  • measuring ingredients accurately 
  • taking part in physical activities 
  • learning to tie shoe laces 
  • recognising the importance of exercise on mental health




Thank you for visiting our class page. Keep checking regularly to see any updates/new pictures!

If you have any queries or questions, please do let me know by using the contact form or calling the school office on 0118 937 5489.

Many thanks

Steph Needham

Stream Class Teacher



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